What is Byte Arena?

Byte Arena is a gaming platform for developers where you have to code the brain of an agent.

What’s an agent?

An agent is a piece of code that is able to communicate with Byte Arena using an API.

An agent perceives its environment, makes decisions, and takes actions to reach its objectives.

How is this even a game?

We find it both stimulating and fun to make things and learn new stuff in the process, while challenging other players doing so; we hope you do too.

What does it look like?

Once your agent is coded, you can watch it play against other players agents in your browser.

Here’s what it looks like:

Getting started

While your agent can be coded in whatever programming language you like, this guide will teach you to implement one in JavaScript.

Get started with Byte Arena.

The beta and its limitations

Byte Arena is not finished yet. We’re currently on a beta version of things.

Ultimately, you’ll be able to push your agents on bytearena.com to compete with other players.

During beta, the online platform will not be available; however, you can still train, debug and run your agents on your own computer using a simple command line tool we provide.

Community material

Further reading / watching

Asking for help

If you encounter any problem or have a question, feel free to open an issue on either ByteArena/cli (for the CLI) or ByteArena/community for any other topic.

Alternatively you can drop us a line at hello@bytearena.com.

We are @byte_arena on Twitter.

We also have a Slack; ask us here ByteArena/community#2 for an invite.